Robert is currently working on a PhD in Arabic manuscripts of the Gospels.

Previous Conference Papers

Codex Sinaiticus Arabicus and its Family, EABS/SBL International Meeting 2017.

Arabic Gospel Lectionaries at Sinai, Biblia Arabica 2018 Conference.

Upcoming Conference Papers

Hagiopolite Lectionary Rubrics in Arabic Gospels, Dots, Marginalia and Peritexts in Middle Eastern Manuscripts Workshop 2018 (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)

Arabic Gospel Lectionaries at Jerusalem, EABS/SBL International Meeting 2018.

Verse Metrics: Analyzing Manuscript Families Using String Comparison Techniques with a Test Case in the Arabic Gospels, EABS/SBL International Meeting 2018.

D-Codex: Software for Digital Manuscript Transcription, Analysis, and Publication, SBL Annual Meeting 2018.